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Welcome to ‘Industrial Engineering -2022’ Forum

Metra Metra Technology Group invites you to ‘Industrial Engineering’ Forum. On February 17th to 18th we discuss many topics, as follows:

  • How to reduce costs and increase productivity in the new economy
  • How to switch to digital re-equipment of production
  • New potential and new solutions for the main production processes
  • Successful solutions for industry and agriculture
  • A new ecosystem of shared resources

This event is organized by Metra Technology Group in partnership with Chambers of Commerce and Industry of 8 Russian regions.

These 2 days we work online within 4 modules:

  1. Effective solutions on industrial robotics’ implementation
  2. Integrated automation of dynamic weighing
  3. Innovations in diary production
  4. Import substitution

Our experts are KUKA, Siemens, Zemic, Metrarobotics, GIKOM, ‘Automatic Machines’, NPP ITELMA, Prof-IT Group, Agrotech , Galaktit, NPP Metra, Arenza, LK Siemens Finance, Digital Control Technology.

The moderator of the forum is Sergey Vereshchaka, the leader of educational programs at the Moscow Management School “SKOLKOVO”.

Each participant will be able to get a personal consultation from the speakers, as well as arrange for experts to visit production sites in order to assess the solution of specific technological tasks.