Your success can be accurately measured

NPP Metra is Russian manufacturer of weighbridge accounting systems for industrial companies. We made one of the first greenfield factories in the country and launched the serial production of industrial weighing equipment.

Now NPP Metra produces a wide range of standard and specialized weighing equipment, its components and software for automatic accounting and control. Our equipment operates in processing and mining industries, as well as in agriculture.

We are constantly upgrading our equipment, investing into industrial and technological development. We offer the best product with the best price and quality balance. Our portfolio has many tailor-made projects, implemented at the customer’s sites according to their individual requirements.

Our team of talented professionals is a key to success. NPP Metra has a staff of 150 enthusiastic highly qualified specialists who implements their own research and developments into practice, produces the most advanced ideas in metrology en masse.

Metra’s weighing equipment was one of the first in Russia to be recognized in the world and to get a certificate of compliance with ISO 9001.2008 standard for its Quality Management System.

NPP Metra’s dealer network covers large cities of Russia and the CIS countries, i.e. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia. Our representatives supply products and provide warranty and post-warranty.

Our Mission

We create systems of accurate weighing measurement and complex automatic accounting for clear control and success in business.

Our Values

Honesty and Reliability.

Every gram matters in material-intensive branches. We provide highly precise equipment to our customers, that meets the most stringent standards.

Continuous Pursuit of Excellence.

Our Research and Development department is constantly developing and testing new products, those meet the needs of customers.

Focus on Results

Close attention to detail helps us achieve our goals, that is our client’s success.

METRA. Your success can be accurately measured

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