Metra Technology Group

Industrial Ecosystem

The basis of Metra Technology Group’s activity was laid by its founders in 1991. They were engineers of the Metra research and production company. For more than 30 years we’ve been providing companies with the best manufacturing solutions to shape their future production. Metra Technology Group relies on its expertise and experience of scientific development and pushes Russian companies to technological progress.

We consider the synergy of people and technology to be the main driver of progress, that could release the potential for creativity and new discoveries.

The industrial ecosystem of Metra Technology Group includes NPP Metra (Research and production company), MetraRobotics, MetraPRO and MetraPolis. The group of companies is an expert in production of weighing equipment, development, and integration of robotic systems as well as in engineering, metal industry, unmanned vehicles and industrial consulting.

Our strong manufacturing base and a reliable network of partners, we’ve created for 30 years, allow us to explore and implement new technologies constantly. Metra Technology Group helps companies to reduce their routine tasks and find more time and resources for strategic planning, setting, and achieving ambitious goals.

Our Mission

To give an impetus to Russian industry, to open up new opportunities for growth and development.

Our Values

Innovation for Good

When introducing new technologies we think not only about machine but about people as well. Our tools promote self-realization, cooperation and disclosure of creative potential.

Safety and Reliability

We keep the strictest quality standards, honest and responsible approach to any client request.


We’re not afraid to take initiative, to carry out experiments and explore everything new.

METRA Technology Group Pushes for Technological Excellence

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