Expert Center for Metalworking

The metalworking center was founded in response to the Customers’ inquiry. The need for high quality metal structures was growing, but the companies did not manage to find a contractor with a wide range of tools and technologies. MetraPRO set the goal to cover the key needs of customers in metalworking. We are constantly expanding our plant and equipment, that’s why we are the first to integrate new processing technologies.

NPP Metra has been the base for metalworking center. Our expertise allows to determine accurately all the needs of customers and set the production of metal structures for multiple purposes. MetraPRO produces a wide range of products for most industries from construction and agriculture to transport and logistics.

MetraPRO components are used in various industries throughout the country. Our plant and metal processing equipment are modern, they allow us to expand the range of operations and implement new technologies.

Our Mission

To create a flexible industrial context to open up the industrial capacity

Our Values

High Quality Standards

Every knowhow and every product are thoroughly checked. We follow ISO 9001 standard in Quality Management System and always keep all the regulations strictly.

Flexibility and Cooperation

We are ready to meet the needs of a customer and offer an original solution to solve a specific problem.


We are in dialogue with customers and inform them on business. We guarantee transparency of the processes, no understatement allowed.

METRAPRO. Steel solutions are ironclad.

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