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Metra Technology Group’s leadership has been determined by honest and mutually profitable  relationship, innovations’ priority, quality and reliability of solutions, focus on results.

We develop business in several directions: production of weighing equipment, R&D and integration of robotic systems and unmanned vehicles, metalworking, engineering, and industrial consulting.

There is a constantly growing pool of partner companies in each direction. The reasons to start cooperation could be different. Someone was looking for related business unit to invest effectively, someone needed a new business to diversify their activities, someone planned to expand the range at the expense of marginal products.

But the main topic for everyone has been 30 years of our successful experience, high professional competence and management effectiveness of Metra Technology Group team, our products are of high quality and in demand. Our flexible and high-tech solutions are effective in various industries and available for business of any size.

We share our expertise with partners, develop innovations, scale best practice, and help to generate additional profits.

Openness is our value. Welcome to cooperation and joint implementation of the most ambitious projects.

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