Industrial Hub in Obninsk City

MetraPolis industrial hub has become the next step in Metra Technology Group Ecosystem development. We are engaged not only in technology, but in talent management with new technologies, modern forms of cocreation and needed resources. MetraPolis is an environment for innovators and visioners, who try to change the industrial market with collaborative solutions.

MetraPolis is the first industrial hub in Obninsk for:

  • Industrial machinery manufacturers,
  • Automation of production,
  • Engineered R&D,

  • Smart Home and Smart City technologies,
  • Digital technologies,
  • Engineering, industrial design and architecture,
  • IT companies,

Our Mission

To create an inclusive environment of competent manufacturing and technical companies for technological development.

Наши ценности


We want to develop Russian industry and launch new technologies on market. It’s important for us that everyone can contribute to this.


We support people who want to change the industry, find new solutions and unlock their potential. MetraPolis is a site for experiments and brave decisions.

MetraPolis. Space for synergy of people and technology

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