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Let us introduce Metra Digital Logistics, a new company in Metra Technology Group’s industrial ecosystem.

In-house startup started in 2018. In just a few years of work, several dozen successful cases have already been implemented. Among the customers are both small companies and major metallurgical and gas energy giants, such as Severstal and Gazpromneft. Next in line is participation in a large-scale Rostech project.

Transport and logistics robots from Metra Digital Logistics work in a variety of fields: food production, metallurgy, medicine, energy, warehouse terminals.

Digital warehouse” is a high-tech complex consisting of modern warehouse equipment, robotic devices, unmanned transport, which are united by a modern software environment WMS, i.e. warehouse management system, that has been developed and is being actively implemented.

As part of this project MDL with the participation of partners has already developed more than 20 digital technological solutions for the “Digital Warehouse”: robotic stackers, METRA conveyor systems, automated terminals, transport logistics systems etc.

Given the turnaround in the economy, the increased demand for innovation in the field of warehouse logistics, and the opening of new logistics hubs, the startup is now formed into a separate asset, the Metra Digital Logistics company.

Among the major challenges are:

  • development of new technologies for warehouse terminals and in-house logistics;
  • production of new robotic logistics transport, customized for industry specifics;
  • integration and development of modern integrated solutions, such as Digital Warehouse
  • development of new WMS software.

“Metra Digital Logistics” works both in the Russian and international markets.

We are ready to participate in any projects and to cooperate.

Our solutions increase the speed of cargo handling, ensure the accuracy of processes, eliminate the influence of human error, significantly reduce costs, increase product quality and competitiveness.