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  5. April 20. Novosibirsk. ‘Digital Reequipment and Modernization of Production 4.0’

April 20. Novosibirsk. ‘Digital Reequipment and Modernization of Production 4.0’

MetraRobotics invites you to the meeting: “Digital Re-equipment and Modernization of Production 4.0. The practice of introducing innovative technologies to increase the competitiveness of industrial companies”

Who will benefit from:

Heads of companies, top managers, heads of technical services (technical directors, chief engineers, technologists, heads of shopping centers and UMTS, heads of technical universities).

Key topics:

  • Industrial robot as an element of Industry 4.0 concept
  • Practices of effective implementation of robotic complexes in the technological processes of industrial companies
  • Digital innovations for in-house and warehouse logistics.

Let’s talk about:

  • The concept of production in the future;
  • Capabilities of a modern industrial robot;
  • Successful cases of application of robotic complexes at enterprises, benefits and advantages;
  • Training and development of qualified personnel for the operation of robotic complexes, problems and solutions;
  • AGV and AMR: what is an intelligent transport system;
  • What AGVs are used and what tasks can be solved with them;
  • The practice of introducing “Digital Warehouses”, opportunities and economic effects.


  • Anastasia Ramchenko, Head of Autonomous Guided Vehicles Dividion in MetroRobotics
  • Alexey Shishin, Chief Project Engineer of MetroRobotics.

We invite everyone to take part in discussion in order to search for new effective solutions for internal logistics of companies.

Start time 20.04.2022 at 10 am

Venue: Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Novosibirsk Region, K. Marx Prosp., 1

Contact: Anastasia Ramchenko, +7 919-030-76-35, e-mail:  ramchenko_ai@metra.ru