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Upgrade Your Qualification and Scale Up Your Business

Would you like to develop your business and improve production? How to choose the right strategy of development?

For this you need to train qualified personnel, to develop managers and increase labor productivity through robotic systems and process digitalization, to increase personnel engagement.

The patented training program ‘Process Digitalization and Robotic Process Automation’ could help with this.

In collaboration with our partners we have developed three options of the program that will help to achieve your goals.

Advanced option has been designed for (project) managers, CTOs and team leaders, RnD, managers and officers of Centers for Transformation and Retrofit.

Expert option is aimed at creating an internal competence center for robotics and digitalization, some part of training is held full-time at KUKA College, followed by international certificate.

Exclusive option is formed individually in accordance with the Customer’s technical design specification without the right to be replicated.

This training is supported by additional materials, a glossary and a workbook. If the final test is passed successful, a certificate is issued.

Workshop is a special part of training, where students could fix all the materials studied and carry out a pilot project of robotics on the basis of their production, then they present and defend  this diploma project and get a certificate.

Take your chance to gain new knowledge from practitioners!

Fill a feedback form and get more details on the training program.

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