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Rules of Operation of Weighing Equipment

We provide an access to expert knowledge.

We’ll teach you how to work with the weighing equipment and:

  • Improve the effectiveness of weighbridges;
  • Eliminate incorrect actions;
  • Understand better the assignment and design of weighing equipment;
  • Improve the safety of its operation;
  • Plan the costs of operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment;
  • Increase the service life of the equipment;
  • Use the technical documentation effectively.

When you enroll our training, you’ll eliminate downtimes, extend the service life and ensure long, sustainable and trouble-free operation of the equipment.

The training has parts of theory and practice. Thanks to our training course you’ll be able to better understand, how to install and operate METRA equipment. You’ll get all the recommendations, best tips and tricks for maintenance and learn methods of easy and effective diagnostics.

Convenient payment options. Online training is available. Certificate is issued. Technical support for students 24/7.

The training is organized directly at the customer’s facility. Training is effective both for new employees and for those who have experience in operating equipment.

Upon request, we develop individual training programs. Detailed information You can get it by filling out the feedback form

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